Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Leave no trace


While not in the true spirit of yarnbombing, we did need to take down this one in the outside garden at the library.

We could feel the community spirit of the days and weeks following our even...immortalized over on the Craft Activism blog! We heard about groups coming by to take family photos amid the pompoms...maybe even a wedding shot.

All pieces have been preserved let's meet up on June 9th at 10 am for WWKIPD at the Yarn Mart on Kavanaugh. Those trees look pretty plain!  Bring more about some in sky blue with daisies?


Friday, April 27, 2012

Ars publica?

Making some yarn bomb repairs and noticed this new piece that wasn't there on the 14th. Thank you whoever you are. Beautiful red doily!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

a little circle of joy

Crack and crochetStrolling to the Fortress of Employment through the spring dawn the other day, The Observer was cutting through the parking lot of the Main Library to hit the ATM when we came upon it: a little circle of joy...

Thanks Observer. We're glad we brightened up your day! 

And we wish we'd thought of some of those names...The Midnight Knitter. The Hook-and-Looper. The Clandestine Crocheter. Instead, we are the "kniterati".  

The Boiled Down Juice

Yarnbombing in downtown Little Rock.

We love what Meredith from The Boiled Down Juice blog wrote about our Lit Fest yarnbombing and we are happy that her babies enjoyed having their stroller knitbombed. Let's do it again!

Thanks, Meredith, for helping everyone "get it"!

Somewhere over the rainbow

Last night was chilly and this morning "Granny Saver's " rainbow blankie was gone from this bench. Hopefully whoever has it now really needed it. Taking craft activisim to another level!
People really liked the yarn bomb...